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What is Rayid?

Rayid is a unique system for identifying behavioral, communication and relationship patterns according to the structural constitution of the iris of the eye.

Throughout the ages, the eyes have been known as the windows to the soul, and modern behavioral research is proving this adage to be true. If you look closely at the iris of the eye, you will notice small, dark dots, light streaks or rounded openings in the fibers. These characteristics provide the key to unlocking the mysteries of the personality. The types of markings, their precise location, and variations between the left and right eye are directly correlated with different personality traits.

Rayid is a simple, objective and verifiable system. It is easily learned. No special talent is required to determine an individual’s personality type.

What the Eyes Reveal

Empirical studies have shown that patterns in the iris are genetically determined. By examining these patterns, we can see how the family tree influences character, relationship choices and health. For example, experience has shown us that patterns in the left eye reflect traits acquired from the mother’s side of the family, and the right eye reflects traits from the father’s side. By comparing the irises, we can determine the influence of each paternal relationship in shaping the personality of the individual. Rayid is therefore a model for understanding how human character is transferred and modified from generation to generation.

If a person’s left eye has more characteristics or a higher concentration of color, that person has a dominant right brain and uses the left side of the body more. Left-eye dominant people are generally flowing and agreeable, prefer to sleep with the left cheek down, and usually have a closer relationship with their mother. Right-eye dominant people are generally structured, organized and ask more questions, prefer to sleep with the right cheek down, and usually have a closer relationship with the father. Left-eye dominants are attracted to right-eye dominants in mate relationships.

The Four Rayid Types

People with a predominance of dot-like pigments in the iris (Jewels), tend to be thinkers and precise verbal communicators. People with a predominance of curved openings in the iris (Flowers) tend to be emotional, feeling-oriented and spontaneously expressive. People with a uniform fiber structure in the iris (Streams) integrate life through sensory experience, communicating through touch and movement. Those with both jewels and flowers in the iris (Shakers) tend to be dynamic, progressive, even extremist in nature.

The structure of the iris is a reflection of the individual’s life potential, revealing character strengths, as well as aspects of the personality that are underdeveloped. Rayid uses the iris of the eye to affirm and strengthen the innate character of the individual.


Rayid has been used by health practitioners, counselors, educators and business people around the world for over 15 years. Although many therapists choose to specialize in the Rayid Method, the fundamental elements of the system can be learned quite quickly; Rayid therefore readily lends itself to being used as an adjunct to other disciplines.

By using the iris of the eye we can determine what personality traits and creative abilities an individual has acquired. We can also observe the specific support that person needs in order to achieve his or her maximum potential. The Rayid Model not only helps people to understand the forces that shape their lives, it encourages them to take charge of their own future. By describing the ways in which genetic heritage affects a person, and by examining alternative responses to this heritage, Rayid objectively reinforces the decision-making skills of the individual.

Recognizing your innate strengths and weaknesses is often the first step on the path of self-improvement. The insights gleaned from studying your iris will help you strengthen your body, improve your health and to make appropriate career choices. In addition to helping you understand your own behavior and needs, a basic grasp of the Rayid Method can help you understand your children, your partner and even your business colleagues.

What is Rayid Flower Jewel Stream Shaker Myers-Briggs Links