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The Shaker Type

Eyes that have both dot-like pigments and rounded openings indicate an extremist (Shaker) type of personality. Embodying the forces of attraction and repulsion, representing everything that moves, Shakers are highly motivated, dynamic and expressive. These radical, action-oriented people frequently venture beyond the limits of conventional thought and norms. They possess a bulldog-like tenacity that drives them to press on against all odds. Pioneering types, typically at the forefront of change and innovation, Shakers challenge life with abandon and zeal. Acting as the conscience of society, they often stand alone, sometimes attracting ridicule from their peers. Pure Shaker structures make up about 15% of the population.

With elements of both the Jewel and the Flower in their makeup, Shakers unify mental and emotional personality characteristics. They make decisions faster than a Jewel and stay with that decision longer than a Flower. Shakers learn best physically, while in motion (through the movement of their bodies) or by being touched. They have a strong intuitive sense and can learn through it, too. They communicate primarily by movement and gesture. They usually have a strong affinity for nature and the outdoors, where the physical connection with their environment increases their intuitive intake.

Shakers are the embodiment of ecstasy, joy and thankfulness, bringing feelings of exhilaration and excitement to any project they are involved in. People initially attracted to Shakers because of their energy and conviction but they can be difficult to relate to because they are always in motion and frequently changing their focus. Adventurous and frequently devoted to a cause, Shakers excel as inventors, motivators and explorers.

As children, Shakers often prove to be quite a handful for their parents. Their extreme natures can make them difficult to teach or direct. They dislike confinement and resent any form of systematic control. They prefer to be physically active, which is good because they need to develop their bodies. If they develop a sense of concern for their families and the community at large, and learn to channel their energy, Shakers have the potential to create new and lasting changes in society.

Shakers know where they're going or, at least, they think they know where they're going - and they can be inspiring leaders and motivators, eliciting one's conscience about a cause or bringing a sense of purpose to a project. Results oriented, they are also prone to impatience they don't understand anything less than total commitment and find partial or half-hearted commitment a project irritating.

Shakers are the people who say, "Enough of the planning, let's go! Let's get up and do." Driven to achieve, yet sometimes ungrounded, Shakers can experience cycles of great success and failure that exhaust their physical strength. They push themselves to the limit, typically with a complete disregard for their own bodies. When they are ungrounded, they can bring the whole group down through their recklessness, so they need to learn to plan. Their task in society is to expand the limits of humanity's self- imposed barriers and to pierce the shield of traditional values. Shakers are the tip of the spear.

When they get too excited, Shakers easily become scattered, which is when their intense energy can turn back on itself. They can become self- destructive, with a tendency to addiction, and their enthusiasm and desire to change the world can become obsessive, to the point where they start using blame to motivate people. Shakers rarely take a neutral stance on any prone to being unfair and can be downright rude to anyone who disagrees with them. When unbalanced, their leadership potential can become subverted to lesser ends and they can turn out to be tyrants and ruthless dictators instead of inspiring and charismatic leaders.

When they can allow themselves to be still, to feel the integrity of who they are, Shakers can bring the experience of wakefulness, joy and thankfulness to any group. Learning moderation and consistency enables the Shaker to manifest change with stability.

Needing equilibrium in their lives, Shakers are attracted to kinesthetic (Stream) types for long-term relationships. Idealistic about romance, Shakers nonetheless place their life goals; uppermost on their list of priorities and want their partners to be supportive of those goals; they mates who are prepared to follow them on their sometimes precarious paths through life. Their perfectionism and demanding nature can make them quite a challenge as long-term partners.

Summary of Shaker Characteristics:

Iris Type:


Iris traits:

Dot-like pigments and rounded openings


Driven, progressive, in motion, unpredictable, extreme

Essence/Unique gift:

Vitality, joy




They (4th person)


Motivation, originality, zeal, achievement


Consistency, moderation, stability, trust the physical body


Through body experience/motion/intuitive feeling

Communication (conscious):

Alternating or unified (visual and verbal), and by gesture

Family relationships:

Depends on secondary structure

Mate relationships:



Travel and/or fighting for causes, enthusiastic, impatient

Energy pattern/Direction:

Moves energy, up and out


Depends on secondary structure


Failure, being controlled, intimacy


I Inactive

Stress imbalance:


Transformational Pathway

Positive expression:

Drive, motivate

If blocked, they are:

Reckless, isolated

If they learn to:

Plan, join, connect

They experience:

Change, sense of purpose

Achieving a state of:

Conscience, aliveness

What is Rayid Flower Jewel Stream Shaker Myers-Briggs Links