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The Stream Type

The fourth structural type in the Rayid Method is called the kinesthetic type, metaphorically referred to as a Stream. The iris of a Stream has a uniform fiber structure radiating out from the pupil, with only subtle variations or streaks of color. At first glance, Stream irises appear to have the fewest features of all iris structures, and it can take a little while before the Rayid student can easily discern all of the characteristics in a Stream eye.

Streams are the fabric that holds the world together. You are intuitive, grounded and amiable. A physical person, you perceive and integrate life through the sensory experience of your body. You subconsciously learn best when given the opportunity to experience your lessons, through movement or by doing. You also learn easily from teachers who alternate between verbal and visual instructions. You communicate by posture and by touch, or with delicately controlled gestures.

You are physically, mentally and intuitively sensitive. Automatically receptive to everything, your body acts as a receptacle for all that happens around you. Imagine Streams as having thousands of cat-like whiskers dangling in all directions. The slightest change or incident is immediately felt by you. Embodying the sensitivity of both the Jewel and the Flower natures, you are like a walking radar, always being "touched" by things around you. Although you have a heightened sensitivity, you tend to control your subtle physical reactions to life through stillness. Your sensitivity is both a gift and a challenge.

With true empathy, you tend to nurture and balance others, mediating and balancing the extremes in society. Your subtle sensitivity gives you the capability to communicate with both Flowers and Jewels, increasing your mediating abilities. Slow to change, you like to do things in a group and to make decisions by committee. You are true visionary implementers, making things happen, getting the job done. Endowed with abundant physical energy and social skills, you are naturals in athletics, dance, health care, social work and public service.

Stream bodies become living pipelines of natural vitality as the energy of life pulses in and out of you. This makes you physically some of the most attractive people, and the uninhibited transfer of energy between people creates mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing in those around you. Streams provide the pathway-for this essential nourishment to flow without you, the rest of humanity would wither and die.

These kinesthetic types provide a sense of belonging, a sense of nurturing, a sense of motherhood. Your presence evokes the feeling of being held or cuddled. When a Stream feels he belongs, everyone around him experiences a sense of relaxation. If Streams become fearful or reactive, your attentions can become overprotective, even stifling, instead of comfortably containing. When you me neurotic, you won't let go. Your sense of being connected with people can lead to confusion about your own self-worth or purpose in life and, when excessively sensitive, you can easily end up feeling hopelessly overwhelmed. When you are balanced in yourselves, you bring a sense of integrity, stability and balance to any social situation.

By accepting the perfection in life and in yourself, Streams learn to touch others without taking on unnecessary burdens. Practicing perfect stillness heightens your kinesthetic sensitivity and allows the energy that is stored within you to be released. Channeling this energy into work allows Streams to realize your greatest potential.

Needing expansiveness, Streams are attracted to Shakers for long-term relationships. Your stabilizing influence helps to balance the radical nature the Shaker.

Pure Stream structures account for about 15% of the population, and your eyes can initially be more of a challenge to interpret than other structures. If there are no distinct flowers or jewels in the eyes, the individual traits can be more difficult to pick out (see Positions B-3), and the overall iris structure can be more difficult to classify (see Combination Structure section). In Streams, positional characteristics are represented by any type of irregularity within the iris structure. Soft patches of color, dense concentrations of fiber or a markedly raised single fiber is indicative of Jewels a noticeable absence of fiber in a particular area indicates Floweriness. A slight characteristic in a Stream iris can be as emotionally or physically significant as a very large characteristic in a Jewel or Flower iris, but the subtle variations in the fibers can be difficult to see without good lighting or photography. Dark eyes compound difficulty.

Summary of Stream Characteristics

Iris type:


Iris traits:

Straight lines or streaks of color


Amiable, intuitive, sensitive, grounded

Essence/Unique gift:

Stillness, connectedness, mediator




We (3rd person)


Balance and stability, empathy, support, Integration


Trust, release, find purpose

Learning (subconscious):

Experiential, by doing

Communication (conscious):

By touch and posture

Family relationships:

Depends on secondary structure

Mate relationships:



Physically active, attentively concerned

Energy pattern/Direction:

Connecting and containing, directed downward (grounding)


Depends on secondary structure


Change, initiation, mistakes, hurting others or being hurt



Stress imbalance:

Acquiescent, stymied, helpless

Transformational Pathway

Positive expression:

Support, serve, balance

If blocked, you are:

Blocked, indecisive

If you learn to:

Initiate, act, move, give

You experience:

Nurturing, unification

Achieving a state of:

Belonging, stillness

What is Rayid Flower Jewel Stream Shaker Myers-Briggs Links