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The Rayid Model of Personality and Relationships

There exists a great amount of detail, specificity, and precision in the correlation between one's iris structure and features, and one's characteristics, both personality and physiology (mind and body). I resisted the idea there could be behavior trait correlates in the iris patterns for two years, coming from the scientific/medical/university world of ophthalmology and bioengineering, but once after studying it closely, Rayid appears to be the most useful and advanced model of personality and relationship. A more detailed description is given at What Is Rayid? For more information on the Rayid model of personality and relationships, check http://www.rayid.com and http://www.cybersayer.com/eyesite/.

Relationship and Balance

A relationship is a dynamic interaction which is best when mutually beneficial. In Rayid two types of relationship are recognized Similars and Complementary. The similars relationship typically occurs between two people with similar outlook and manner of responding to the world around them; the relationship is complementary when the partners have opposite personality constitutions. The Similars relationship tends to have good stability for non-intimate relationships, whereas Complementary relationships tend to have a greater dynamic range (more passion potential), and are more likely to succeed between intimate partners.

To allow for expansion of consciousness, people will tend to seek out associates who can complement their talents and personality strengths, but will also find harmony with people of a similar personality constitution.

People who excel in certain areas may be less developed in other areas; if you have a given amount of time to apply in different areas, there's bound to be trade-offs. Design Engineers are required to balance tradeoffs (cost/features, etc.) in the design process, and likewise, each person is designing their future with each decision.

The classic idea of a relationship durable enough to last the full life long is only rarely attained in practice. Since people change in different ways at different rates and go through various phases during their life, it takes at times tenacity and determination to maintain the same relationship all your life.

Rayid helps to observe and understand emotional dynamics in a non-judgmental way, and plan a program for lifestyle upgrade. Therapeutic modalities common among Rayid Practitioners are generally based on detection and correction of energy imbalances. Health problems are considered secondary to yin/yang imbalances at all levels of one's life activity. A remedial program (prescript) will include component modules at the physical, physiological, and psychological levels. For example a treatment plan may include bodywork (such as hatha yoga), dietary guidelines, and relationship planning and development using polarity analysis. Each module is serving the purpose of finding imbalance and correcting for it.

Influence of Ancestral Factors on Body and Mind

Going to the factors influencing personality, the influence is not all or nothing, we are not entirely determined by DNA, that wouldn't leave much room for individual freedom (free will) and self-determination, but there is some genetic influence on personality. It's not a yes or no issue, it's a how much issue. Not only do we inherit attributes (both physical and psychological) from our ancestors, but we also inherit bias and proclivities, issues and imbalances. Specific traits and issues can be attributed to specific ancestors, going back through generations. Why you have the traits you do can be understood when you study the patterns of your whole family and ancestors. The patterns you get in this life are the ones which best compensate for the imbalances which have developed in the family tree. This is one reason why traits are seen to skip a generation; and if the parent is too far out in one direction, the kid will be far out in the opposite direction. Then the next generation (grandchild) will be more like the parent than the first generation (child). Other principles like action-reaction will also explain the generation-skipping pattern of inheritance.

Birth Order Influence on Social Roles

From another angle, birth order is an important and powerful force in shaping your outlook on the world. Birth Order Sequence is a specific method of identifying dominant personality traits based on the birth order (sibling sequence) for an individual client as well as their family members.

This is a rich area for study! For an intro check the Sibling Sequence page on the Rayid website. Each birth position carries a specific vibration.

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