How to Order

The best way to place an order is to start with a phone call or text (), or send an email message.

Options for Miles Research Iris Cameras

The main choice is between Central (SCL for $2300 or HCB for $2700) and Side Lighting (ASL for $3100 or FSL for $3000). Side Lighting is good for IPB imaging and the dark brown iris, but the Central Lighting is simpler and easier to use.

A new combo model is available that includes both central and side lighting (CSL=Central & Side Lighting). This 3-Channel model is available with either fixed side-lighting (CFSL, $3400) or adjustable (CASL, $3500). 

For assistance in clarifying your product selection, please call Jon Miles at the number listed below. To see more about the differences in central vs. side lighting, see the Illuminator Comparison.

Payment is typically via bank-to-bank wire transfer but credit cards are also accepted. Payment is required with each order. Cancellations of paid orders or product returns are accepted within 30 days of payment, subject to a 15% restocking fee and a variable transaction fee. For times beyond 30 days, product may be accepted on consignment. Payment via PayPal is accepted for orders under $1500.

Miles Research 
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