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Biometric Imaging and Scientific/Business Applications Development

Miles Research - Imaging

Miles Research is owned and operated by Jon Miles, who has been designing and building research-grade eye imaging systems since 1981 and specialized biometric iris cameras since 1989. During the 1980s, photokeratometric imaging systems were developed for corneal imaging via reflectance geometry measurement and comparison to illuminator source geometry. During the 1990s, iris imaging systems were mainly video-capture cameras for iris and sclera imaging, plus some early development of digital camera systems. Since 2000, focus has been on DSLR-based modular kits for research and clinical grade imaging of the in vivo human and animal iris. Since 2005, a wide range of illuminators have been developed for optimized biometric imaging of the anterior aspect of the eye (1:1 macro imaging).

Current developments include:

  • New chinrest-camera supports
  • Auto-focus protocol for iris and sclera imaging
  • Auto-exposure protocol for iris and sclera imaging
  • Optimized imaging of cornea, lens and sclera (bulbar conjunctival vessels)
  • Biometric Hand Cameras
  • Biometric Face Cameras

The primary hardware product from Miles Research is the Miles Eye Camera, which has an optional headrest-chinrest support. The unique feature of the Miles Eye Camera is the range of illuminators that are optimized for DSLR imaging of the anterior segment. The original illuminator is the Coaxial Biometric Photo-Illuminator with lens-mount lightguide fixture. This unit was developed in 1990 using an external illuminator. When digital SLRs became commonly available in 2000, the illuminator was adapted to the camera's built-in flash.

Subsequently, a range of hood-mount illuminators has also been developed (available for most DSLRs):

  • Coaxial Biometric (hood-mount)
  • Side-Lighting (fixed 45-degree)
  • Adjustable Side-Lighting (30 to 90 degrees)
  • Adjustable Side and Central Central Lighting (10 to 90 degrees)
  • Single Central Lighting

Miles Research - Visual Sciences

Specialty experience in computer modeling and analysis in the areas of Ophthalmology and Optometry. This includes Survival Risk and epidemiological analysis, models of wound-healing, implant biodegradation and depolymerization, surgical outcome models for keratotomy based on incisional geometric factors, identification of corneal material properties (modulus of elasticity using a heterogeneous, laminar, non-isotropic model), finite element modeling of biomechanical response of the human in vivo cornea to indentation tonometry and applanation tonometry, and biomechanical modeling of the instrument-tissue interaction in the operating theater.

Miles Research - Office Automation

Developing advanced Office Automation systems for optimum workflow efficiency and management of complex databases. This includes wordprocessing automation, spreadsheet automation, database design, custom email systems, website development and management systems, fax systems, computer-telephony integration, and multimedia functions such as acquisition and management of audio, video, and signal-level data. Custom programming for Word document operations, Excel spreadsheet procedures, Access and SQL database functions, and Outlook email handling; data-sharing between Office applications. Use of scripts greatly increases workplace productivity by shortening routine task time by orders of magnitude and has good portability for use on a variety of platforms. Image processing scripts facilitates data extraction from images for scientific analysis. With a Computer Science background, the Miles Research workflow includes the creation and use of scripts and automation routines to improve productivity. Macro scripts are developed to perform common operations between arbitrary files with content and context sensitive response. Custom scripts are the specialized power tools for performing higher-level functions more efficiently and for coordinating the data sharing between applications.

Miles Research - Website Application Development

Primary service is developing database-oriented website applications. Experienced since 1980 in developing client-server office automation, online transaction systems, electronic marketing programs, and website applications. Website development includes content preparation (setting up and managing content pipelines) and data-centric website application development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBA/VBS, Access, ADO, ASP, SQL, and VS. MCSE, MCP+I.

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