Pomegranate Lovers:

Pomegranates have a lot of symbolism. Among other aspects, the study of flower essences has a concept of "Doctrine of Signature" which states that a plant’s physical properties (color, shape, texture, etc) are related to their vibrational essence and the specific benefits which they possess. For pomegranate, it has a compartmentalized structure and is good for people who are learning to set their boundaries. It also has fertility-enhancing properties.

I have developed a method of opening the pomegranate:

How to Prepare a Pomegranate

It is ripe when the surface has flattened areas. The flared end is the bottom.

The fruit consists of ruby-red seeds which are eaten in their entirety. The preferred method of consumption is to open the pomegranate and remove all the seeds into a bowl (have a second bowl for the peelings). Considerable skill and precision is required to avoid spattering the red juice (which is mostly indelible) onto your clothing or surroundings. To accomplish this, all seeds must be removed and put into the bowl without breaking any one of them.

Prior to opening the pomegranate, offer blessings and thanks to the devas and the pomegranate deities in appreciation for creating such a wonderful fruit.

1. Get a small sharp knife (preferably with a rigid serrated blade), and make a 360 degree incision 1" diameter, ¼" to ½" deep, at 45 degrees from the axis, and centered on the flared opening at the bottom. Remove the flared end.

2. Make ¼" deep incisions down each of the ridges between the flattened areas (usually there are 5 or 6).

3. With two thumbs, pull the sections between the incisions (meridional segments) apart, and separate out one of the wedges for further dismantling.

4. Gently peel back the white membrane layer separating adjacent seed pods.

5. Further separate clustered seed pods by everting the skin of the fruit, then gently dislodging each seed without breaking it, and letting them fall into a bowl.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with each meridional segment.

7. The bowl will have hundreds of brilliant ruby red seeds, which are best viewed in sunlight and best eaten by the handful.



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